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Our Company

Sturm Asset Management is a private real estate development company founded by Ken Sturm and employs an experienced team of professionals with over 150 years of combined experience. Headquartered in New York, Sturm AM focuses on real estate developments throughout the Tri-State area. Sturm AM has developed deep internal operational and management capabilities in targeted asset classes to provide a competitive advantage. This vertical integration of investment and real estate skill sets provides Sturm AM with the flexibility to work with or without local partners, to react quickly to changing fundamentals or investment opportunities and to maintain hands-on involvement at each stage of the investment process. Current focus areas or "Verticals" include Hospitality, Retail, and Residential.

Our Philosophy

Sturm AM's primary goal is the protection and growth of its limited partners' capital. We are a focused firm; our goal is to do fewer things, better. This allows us to give each investment the attention it requires and to remain accessible to our important relationships at every level of the organization. Sturm AM invests a significant amount of time and energy in the front end of every investment process. The goal is to significantly reduce the chances that unforeseen events arise during the formal due diligence process. We believe this makes Sturm AM a better and more reliable buyer and partner. Sturm AM has recruited a strong team of investment professionals and created an organizational structure which encourages and rewards performance. The absence of rigid hierarchies and a collaborative approach to decision making promote internal debate, foster intellectual honesty and ensure the best ideas are identified, regardless of where they originate.

Our Strategy

Sturm AM believes that having in-house, specialized operating and management expertise is a critical element of its strategy. Sturm AM combines detailed fundamental real estate analysis with deep in-house operation and financial expertise to source and execute on the best opportunities within its areas of focus.

Our experience in completing valuable transactions provides Sturm AM with the capability to execute on large portfolio deals or public company opportunities. The firm is comfortable and has experience dealing with both stable and distressed situations, will consider joint ventures with like-minded industry participants, can work with or without local partners and is flexible about participating through subordinate debt, preferred or common equity.


Ken Sturm

Ken Sturm is the founder and CEO of Sturm Asset Management.

He combines deep internal operational and management expertise with well located real estate to develop extremely successful properties.
Ken is a highly successful entrepreneur who in addition to heading up a diverse portfolio of very successful enterprises in insurance for small business and bankcard/stored-value processing, runs some of New York City's most successful entertainment and restaurant properties in Manhattan. His projects and businesses include the Ellen's Stardust, PJ Clarke's, The Ribbon and The Iridium which collectively gross over $30 million per year. He has a very strong track record in identifying well located real estate within New York City and building out those properties into extremely successful hospitality, restaurant, and entertainment properties that generate superior revenues and returns.
Ken holds an MBA Cornell University and a BS in Finance & Hospitality from Boston University. In addition to being published in bankcard industry magazines, he has been featured in the NY Times and Crain's NY.


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